10 Women Who You Better Not Make Angry


If you’re going to make a girl mad, make sure she’s nothing like the women on this list. When a broken heart comes into play, there’s no limit to what some women will do to seek revenge. Here are a few stories from women you better not make angry.

When Tracy found out her husband had cheated on her with multiple women, she called up a few of his mistresses to help her get revenge. Three women agreed, and they hatched out a plan that included one of the mistresses luring the man to a motel. When he arrived, he was tied to the bed and blindfolded. When the blindfold was removed, all four ladies were standing in front of him, and they proceeded to glue his genitals to his stomach and punch him repeatedly all over his body.

This scorned woman made some very expensive damage to her lover’s luxury vehicle. The woman vandalized the $145,000 Range Rover SUV by spray painting the words “cheater” and “hope she was worth it” all over the car. This guy will be forced to drive around in embarrassment until he forks up enough cash to get his car repaired.

When Feng Lung found out her husband was cheating on her, she took a pair of scissors to his manhood and proceeded to snip it off. Luckily for him, surgeons were able to reattach it, but he wasn’t able to enjoy it for long. While he was recovering in the hospital, his wife snuck into his hospital room, cut off his private part again, and tossed it out the window. Sadly, police were unable to find the body part so doctors couldn’t reattach it again.

After Harriet broke up with her cheating husband Dan, he asked that she repay him for the Justin Bieber concert ticket he purchased during their relationship. Harriet agreed, but Dan would be waiting a long time before he receives the full payment. Harriet setup an online payment account, and proceeded to pay Dan one penny a day until the tickets were paid back in full. At this rate, it will take up to 17 years for Dan to get his money back.

A 23-year-old woman was so upset about the way her ex-husband treated her during their marriage. So she decided to get revenge on the day he was set to marry his new bride. The woman approached the reception tent, and set it on fire. The new bride and the ex-husband were able to escape injury, but many of their family members and friends weren’t so lucky. At least 43 women and children perished in the flames and 90 others were injured.