10 Women Who Are Unbreakable


Some say that women are the weaker sex. We say anyone who says that hasn’t met the following ten examples we’ve found around the globe. These women aren’t just tough, we’re pretty sure they are unbreakable. From military service, recovering from multiple bouts of illness and overcoming traumatic events that would do any one of us in, these women can all hold their own.

We’ll start off with an Afghan woman known only as Abedo. She’s fought the Soviets, the Taliban and is still ticking right along. Katrina Burgess suffered a high-speed car crash that nearly ended her life. Unbreakable, she endured major surgeries and is now a model. Lyndi Harding likely thought it was the end when her parachute failed to open. Yet, she’s around to tell her story. On the big screen, Uma Thurman has played some unbreakable characters, such as The Bride. In real life she endured a very high-publicity divorce, yet endured. When the factory she was working in collapsed on her, Reshma Begum likely thought it was the end. Over two weeks later, rescuers discovered her alive. Juliane Koepcke showed off her amazing strength of body and mind when she fell from a plane and then endured a trek through a critter-infested jungle. Anna Bagenholm went under the ice in freezing cold water while skiing. Incredibly, she survived what should have ended her. Linda Hamilton has taken on Terminators on the big screen, as well as addiction, divorce and bipolar disorder in real life. When the 2004 tsunami hit Thailand, Maria Belon endured physical and emotional trauma that most couldn’t survive. But she did. Finally, we’ll end with a collection of women who endured multiple bouts of cancer and heart attacks. All three endured, providing an unbreakable beacon of hope.