10 Women Who Are Hotter After Having Kids


It’s such an exciting time when a woman announces that she’s expecting a little bundle of joy. Even if we don’t know the woman personally, we all can’t help but impatiently await the arrival of their baby. Celebrities and social media influencers have opened their lives to the public, and that has made it easier than ever for us to follow along as they document every step of their pregnancy. After giving birth, many of these women look even better than ever! From Beyoncé to Tammy Hembrow and Blake Lively, we’re about to show you 10 Women Who Are Hotter After Having Kids.

A fitness guru named Sarah Stage almost broke the Internet when she revealed her series of pregnancy photos. Although she looked amazing while she was waiting to give birth, she looked even hotter after having her child. Watch our video to see the before and after photos of her transformation. Another fitness model who proved it’s definitely possible to be more beautiful after pregnancy is Chontel Duncan. Just wait until you see how stunning she looked after giving birth!

Celebrities have a lot of pressure to maintain their physiques before, during, and after pregnancy. And the stars on our list are just a few of the women who have no problem looking flawless while enjoying motherhood. These women include Amal Clooney, Blac Chyna, and Kim Kardashian. If you’d like to see our photos of women who are hotter after having kids, such as Maria Kang and Caroline Berg Eriksen, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments which of these women look the best post-pregnancy to you!