10 Wild Stories People ACTUALLY Believe


Being a celebrity means you often have to dismiss rumors that are spread in the tabloids. But there are many times that stories are so crazy, even the gossip magazines won’t publish them. From Beyoncé’s fake baby bump to Katy Perry being JonBenet Ramsey, these are ten wild stories people actually believe.

Back in 2011, Beyoncé revealed her amazing baby bump at the MTV music video awards. After that, every move she took as a pregnant woman was highly scrutinized. Then, photos of her strange baby bump started circulating the internet, and it had many people calling foul. Was she really carrying a baby, or was it all just a big cover up to hide her fertility issues?

One of the strangest conspiracy theories floating around is the one that claims Justin Bieber is a reptilian. That’s right; people actually claim they saw the Biebs shape-shifting into a large reptile while on tour in Australia. For some reason, there happens to be no video of this. But there is a video of the singer blinking like a lizard after an arrest in 2014, so that counts for something.

Out of all the wild stories people believe, the one that reveals Katy Perry as being JonBenet Ramsey is the least believable. We understand that the two possibly look like one another, but there is no way it can be true. Sadly, that doesn’t keep people from still believing that Perry is the grown-up version of the little girl who passed away in the 90s.