10 Weirdest Ways People Are Trying To Lose Weight


Who doesn’t want to look a bit healthier? Humans are vain by nature, which is what makes us tempted by fast-acting health regimens. But health problems, especially those that aren't easily treatable, can also draw overweight people to look for help in unconventional ways. Everything from cryotherapy to HCG have been used to lose weight. In fact, as the following methods will show, there appears to be nothing people haven’t tried in the fight to lose a few pounds - or a few dozen. Some methods are substantiated by scientific studies, while others are just based on hearsay. Some, like the string procedure, are based on common sense: if a person can physically feel when their stomach is full, they will stop eating and will lose weight. Mostly, it’s about mind over matter. If you can curb the craving, you can curb overeating. And that philosophy is the crux of most successful dieting.