10 Weirdest Things People Have Used To Make Fidget Spinners


Fidget spinners are a new obsession that has been steadily taking over the world this year and people either love or absolutely hate this trend. Although most people use the toy as a distraction to pass the time, the fidget spinner is being marketed as a temporary cure for everything from stress and anxiety to autism and ADHD. There's not a lot of science to back up that statement but the manufacturing companies insist that spinning this little toy helps to increase one's focus.

We're not really sure how one can stay so focused when there are so many different types of fidget spinners to choose from. There are LED light-up spinners, American flag spinners, and there's even a Golden Snitch spinner from the Harry Potter franchise.

Fidget spinners are actually banned in most schools but that seems not to be affecting their sales at all. It is estimated that the toy has the potential to make half a billion dollars in profit by the end of this year. This fad is then expected to fizzle out right after that.

Did you know that you can even create your own original fidget spinner? YouTubers have been loving the fidget spinner trend recently and they are constantly trying to outdo each other by creating the craziest designs. From dry ice fidget spinners and bath bomb fidget spinners to slime fidget spinners, our favorite internet personalities definitely get an A+ for creativity.

Do you want to know what Karina Garcia, Collins Key, Stephen Sharer, and other fun YouTubers used to make their DIY spinners? Then check out our list of the 10 Weirdest Things People Have Used to Make Fidget Spinners!