10 Weirdest Food Flavors From Around The World


Countries like China, Japan, Australia and even the United Kingdom are known to make some of the weirdest food flavors out there. From Baconnaise, black bun burgers, Pepsi White, Elderflower Fanta, and fish and chip gelato to Green Tea Kit Kats and Seaweed Pringles, these are some of the weirdest food flavors from around the world.

Black bun burgers were first introduced in Burger King Japan as a part of a Halloween campaign. They included colored buns, cheese, and sauce. The burger has become so popular, McDonald’s continued the trend, and the black burgers started making their ways to countries around the world! But what do they actually taste like?

Green Tea Kit Kats are one of the most talked-about Japanese sweets ever. Kit Kat even has an entire store in Japan dedicated to limited-edition bars and they include Green Tea Kit Kats. These matcha powder chocolate bars are completely delicious, although we can’t say they have the same health benefits as regular green tea.

Seaweed Pringles originate from China. These green-looking Pringles don’t look as appetizing, but we promise their taste might surprise you. They are actually coated with sugar, and the sweet taste might actually be stronger than the salty taste you’d get from seaweed. If you’re a seaweed fan, these are a must-try!

What was the weirdest food you’ve ever tried? Check out our video for Baconnaise, black bun burgers, Pepsi White, Elderflower Fanta, fish and chip gelato, Green Tea Kit Kats, Seaweed Pringles, and other weird food flavors from around the world!