10 Weirdest Beauty Products In The World


If you’re getting bored of the typical lotions and creams that are found in stores, how about you take a walk on the wild side and get a little creative with your beauty regimen? When it comes to beauty treatments, there’s really no limit to how far some beauty aficionados will go on their quest for tighter skin, perkier breasts and shiny hair. Some people are absolutely obsessed with trying any and all new products that hit the market no matter how wacky they may be.

Odd and bizarre beauty methods are nothing new, but it still surprises us when a new crazy product hits the market, like these toenail stockings that are pre-painted with colors and designs to give the appearance of a flawless pedicure. This product may be a tad bit strange, but anything that will save us some money at the salon definitely gets a thumbs up from us. You can stock up on a bunch of different stockings and change them throughout the day to suit your mood.

If you’re running late and you just don’t have the time to whip out your hair straightener, these straightening wipes will save the day. The wipes are infused with a hair serum that will turn your locks from frizzy to bone straight in just a few downward strokes. So the next time you’re caught out in humid weather, just bring a couple of these wipes along with you to keep your hair looking silky and straight all day long.

The beauty industry is constantly coming up with new and innovative products to catch consumers’ attention, but did they go a little too far with this bull semen conditioner? This conditioning treatment uses organic pedigree Angus bull semen fresh from a farm in Cheshire. The semen is full of protein to help penetrate and nourish the hair. But we’re definitely going to have to pass on this one. There’s just nothing appealing about pouring a bunch of bull semen on your head no matter how amazing it promises to make your hair look and feel.

This wacky beauty product is all about keeping your insides strong and healthy. The Lung Exerciser is a fitness tool that aims to strengthen your muscles and make your lungs more efficient. All you have to do is take a deep breath in and breathe out into the exerciser a few times each day. You’ll know your lungs are working at their optimal level if you’re able to stretch the apparatus to its full length of one meter.

Need to exercise your mouth and fight the signs of aging? The Tongue Turn is the answer! This wacky product gives the appearance of a bunch of blisters on your lips, but those raised bumps actually have a purpose. When you place the Tongue Turn on your mouth, you use your tongue to touch each of the nine bumps along the mouthpiece. This is said to force saggy cheeks to align to a higher position to make you look more youthful.