10 WEIRD Things Teenagers Do


There are some things that teens do, though at the time may seem annoying, over the years can be pretty funny! But, what are the things they do that just don’t make sense at all? From doing weird things to get high, to doing everything they can to not interact with others, these are 10 weird things teenagers do!

The Internet has become a big game of “Money See, Monkey Do” for teenagers. Someone could be lighting themselves on fire and calling it a challenge, and there will be at least one other teen that would attempt it. Things have gotten so bad, that it’s become dangerous. Many teens have attempted these challenges and have ended up critically injured, and some have even died. With so much risk out there, it’s kind of hard to imagine what the appeal of doing Internet challenges is to teenagers.

It seems like when things aren’t going a teenager’s way, their parents are most likely to blame. Their parents are stuck in positions where they need to be parents, but also don’t want to ruin their kid’s life. Many parents have heard the “I HATE YOU” scream of protest from their teenagers when they are angry. Honestly, almost every teen does this, and though they may be passionate about it at the time, they don’t REALLY hate their parents. It’s just the best way for them to express their feelings that their parents hurt them.

It’s true that this is the time in everyone’s lives when they are more than likely to succumb to peer pressure. But, when peer pressure involves weird ways to get high, it’s time to pump the breaks. Teens will do everything from putting alcohol in their eyes, to soaking tampons just to get their fix. Considering they haven’t fully developed the part of their brains that helps them understand the consequences of their actions, teenagers don’t grasp the risk in this behavior. Not to mention how embarrassed they will be when they are caught smoking pencil shavings in the bathroom.

It’s become easier than ever for people to ignore one another, and when it comes to teenagers, they would rather sit through a lecture than answer the phone. Teenagers have become so used to social media and texting, that a phone call can actually produce anxiety. It’s easier for them to press the silent button, than to actually pick up the phone call. There is a reason landlines are going extinct, thanks to teenagers, people may never have to chat on the phone again.

If you are someone expecting a special package delivery, don’t rely on a teenager to sign for it. More than likely they won’t even answer the door. They are either in the middle of something, or just don’t want to interact with anyone enough to go to the door. Not only is this another thing that produces anxiety for teenagers, it’s just weird in general. Teens want nothing more than for everyone to leave them alone, and apparently that includes the mailman.

Teens are so used to over sharing their lives because of social media that everything has become an opportunity for selfies. From funerals, to being on the toilet, it seems like nothing is off limits. Surely, having this many selfies around will embarrass them in 10 years, but for some reason, teens don’t understand this. Even doing something as mundane as going grocery shopping can be selfie time. Hopefully this is just a phase, and we don’t see grown ups running around with selfie sticks at Starbucks in 15 years!