10 Weird School Rules From Other Countries


We all remember the crazy rules that we had to follow at our high school. Some of us were scared of the strict teachers, and others didn’t mind ending up at the principal’s office every week. But once you learn the crazy school rules all around the world, you’ll see that you could get in trouble for something that you do every day. This is why today, we are showing you 10 weird school rules from other countries. Stay tuned to see what happens when you break the rules!

In Canada, girls weren’t happy to hear that yoga pants were banned because they violated the dress code. The school claimed that these pants were too tight, and a mother even argued that it was inappropriate because it distracted boys. And we understand why students are upset. This rule is ridiculous! We think that education is more important than the way you look.

In Japan, students are not allowed to dye their hair. It is not the first time that we see some schools doing that, but this time, they took it to the next level. More than half of the schools in Tokyo ask students to prove that their hair is natural because they don’t believe them. And if they break the rules, they won’t only get a detention. What happens is worse than what you could imagine.

Stay tuned to hear more about weird high school rules like not using red ink, not having best friends, not raising your hand in class, and much more. Was there any other weird rule at your high school? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think!