10 Weird Holiday Traditions From Around The World


When the holidays roll around, people in various parts of the world celebrate in their own unique way. Some put up a decorative tree and wait for Santa Claus to bring presents, while others feast on a moldy seal that has been fermenting for months. We’re going to tell you about this tradition and more, including Krampus Night, the Japanese’s love for KFC, and the truth about Mari Lwyd in our video. This is 10 Weird Holiday Traditions From Around the World.

In Sweden, they’ve been erecting a straw goat for decades, but the tradition of setting the goat on fire is something that accidentally became a custom throughout the years. Another part of the world that has a strange holiday tradition is Catalonia. Children are gifted presents and treats inside of a hollowed out wooden log. If this sounds wacky to you, just wait until you hear about the spiderwebs used to decorate trees in Ukraine and the roller skating event that happens in Caracas, Venezuela.

In Norway, they like to hide their brooms from witches during their yearly traditions, and people of Oaxaca, Mexico celebrate the holidays by carving radishes that they can later sell after Christmas mass. But one of the weirdest traditions is the moldy seal that’s eaten in Austria and other parts of Europe. To hear about all of these outrageous holiday traditions from around the world, be sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these customs shocked you the most, and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko to see more great videos like this one!