10 Weaknesses You Didn't Know Superheroes Had!


Superheroes are known for their incredible super powers. The Hulk transforms into a seemingly unstoppable brute, Professor X of the X-Men uses his keen intellect and powerful telepathic abilities to manipulate the world around him, and Spider-Man slings his web into the sky in order to fly through the bustling cityscape. But, like Superman, every superhero has their kryptonite. Whether it’s Marvel and their extended MCU, DC, Dark Horse, or any other publisher, comic book heros always need a satisfying achilles heel. It grounds them and makes them much more relatable! But they’re not always as obvious as you might expect. Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton may not be as impenetrable as you might think! Wonder Woman’s bracelets of submission, her source of strength, may also be her downfall! The great Iron Man can even be brought down by a very human weakness, alcoholism. In this video, we’ll be exploring some of your favourite hero’s lesser-known flaws. Here are the top 10 weaknesses you didn’t know superheroes had!