10 Ways Your Phone Can Make You A Happier Person


Considering we don’t go anywhere without our cell phones, they should serve more purposes than just making phone calls. But, does your phone actually have the capacity to boost your mood? From helping you be more productive, to the happiness you feel from taking pictures, these are 10 ways your phone can make you happier!

Research has shown that people who take breaks throughout the day are not only more productive, they are also happier. You can do anything during your break, as long as it too long or gets in the way of your life. Many people choose to turn to their smart phone to check out for a 15-minute refresher. You can play a game, catch up on the news, or even listen to a podcast. However you like to enjoy your little burst of free time, chances are your phone will have exactly what you need!

Having a smart phone is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist right in your pocket. Almost everyone has fitness goals, and your phone can help you reach your goals. From apps that give you easy to comprehend workouts, to apps that help you with your diet, there are various ways you can easily spring into fit lifestyle with your phone. The best part about getting fit is the “happy chemical” endorphins your brain creates because of your workouts!

No, we aren’t telling you to bring your phone to bed and stare at the screen all night. That would be the opposite way to make you sleep better. What you should actually do if you are having trouble sleeping is do your research about sleeping apps on your phone. There are apps for everything from monitoring the way you breathe while you sleep, to apps that produce white noise to help you fall asleep quicker. Sleep apps are worth trying out since getting a good night’s rest is essential to being happier!

You can make your life easier therefore happier with a variety of simple productivity apps. Time planner is a digital planner app that helps you not only schedule your daily events, but actually offers you pie charts to show how much time you spend on certain activities. This can help you not waste time on trivial things you’ll realize take a lot of your energy. If you are having trouble getting motivated for a big project, you might want to check out the SimplyNoise app. This app allows you to play white, pink, or brown noise, which helps you to drown out other thoughts and focus on the task at hand.

Some people may complain that you are living your life behind a phone, but there is evidence that taking photos at events makes you happier. When you look at the world through your phone’s photo app, you start looking at the world differently. You are now an artist looking for things worthy of snapping. Thus, making you more engaged in your surroundings, which helps you to enjoy your experience even more! Even the act of pretending to take a photo can bring more joy to something that may have been an otherwise boring experience.

When it comes to enjoying the company of your friends and family, it is best spent with your phone switched off. If you are always glued to your screen, then you might be ignoring the people who mean the most to you. You don’t want to live a life where you regret not spending more time with your loved ones. So, if it is a life of happiness you seek, then put the phone down and enjoy the company of the people who bring it to you!