10 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You're Cool


When it comes to being cool, we know that it’s not as easy as “being yourself.” If you’re grown up and out of school, you were probably well aware of the social structure in middle school and high school. The “popular” group was an elite group of students that not only seemed to have the school’s attention, but managed to make the rest of the student body obsess over them. While we thought the social ladder would end after high school, adulthood feels like a popularity contest all of its own, especially if you’re part of a larger community. So, how do you trick people into thinking you’re cool? Well, to be honest, you are already cool! Part of what makes you who you are and seem cool is the very practice of just accepting who you are and rocking it! But, there are other ways to trick people, and you’ve come to the right place to find out!

In this video, we will be discussion ten ways to trick people into thinking you’re cool. It all starts from the basics like smiling, finding a skill that you enjoy, making a good first impression, being a good listener, not being a needy person, showing off your great personality, and staying away from bad behavior. This will draw people in and gain their trust. But tricking others into thinking you’re cool also requires some work within yourself like checking on yourself mentally, coordinating your life inside and out, and most of all...stop caring what others think of you! All of these tricks combined could change your social life forever!