10 Ways To Look Great For Back To School On A Budget


When the new school year rolls around, many people freak out at the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars on back-to-school clothes. Thankfully, we’ve discovered a few ways you can save yourself a ton of cash and still look fierce when you step foot on your campus. From reusing old clothes to make them look brand new to jazzing up your backpack and purse with some cool DIY tricks, there are endless ways for you to look fabulous without breaking the bank. This is: 10 Ways To Look Great For Back To School On A Budget.

Our video will show you how to slay your look from head to toe. We have tips on how to accessorize with chokers and sunglasses to complete your look, how a simple denim skirt can be so versatile, and how a clothes swap with friends can land you gently worn items that will look amazing on you!

You can also sign up for rewards cards at various clothing stores to get access to their special clothing offers and great discounts. Or, just head to your local department store during the off-season to stock up on deals that won’t leave you penniless. If you want to see even more budget-friendly ways you can head back-to-school, including sprucing up your footwear with metallic spray paint and creating a DIY bleach dotted skirt, make sure to watch our video! Let us know in the comment which of these tips you’ll be incorporating into your back-to-school wardrobe. And, don't forget to subscribe to "The Talko," on YouTube!