10 Ways to Fix Your Crush Problem


Having a crush makes school so much more interesting, excited, and fun! Often, having a crush is a mix of wonderful highs and some serious lows. What happens when your feelings aren’t reciprocated or, even worse, when your crush finds someone? We’ve got some suggestion in our video about 10 Ways to Fix Your Crush Problem.

Becoming your crush’s friend could be the first step to developing a real relationship built on trust and understanding. Joining clubs that they’re in that you also enjoy is an easy way to start a fun conversation and maybe even cause your crush to see you in a new light!

Sometimes, having a crush takes up too much attention and quickly turns into an obsession that isn’t as fun as the occasional day dream. Unfollowing your crush on Instagram and Snapchat is the best way to help keep your mind on other parts of your life that are just as important. Remind yourself of the amazing people who are already in your life and make a friend date for a movie on the weekend. Not only will it take your mind off your special someone, but what better way to show off how loved you already are!

Watch the video to find out how physical activity, focusing on school, enjoying your crush, and using the right body language can help ease the pain that comes with admiring your crush from afar. Watch until the end of the video to find out how being confident is the number one solution to your crush problems. Make sure to comment, like and subscribe to TheTrendy to see more videos like this.