10 Ways To Be A Total GIRLBOSS


Have you every looked at other girls who juggle work, relationships, school, and social life, and wonder how the heck they do it? It’s not always easy, but becoming a girlboss is the way to tackle your life and exude confidence. From making the grades, to owning relationships these are 10 ways to be a total girlboss.

It probably goes without saying how important it is to make good grades, but with a social life and work, it’s easier said than done. Here are some tips to remember when starting school for the first time, or starting a new semester, that can help you take control of your grades. Sign up for later classes when you can. Freshmen who decide to take 8am classes during their first semester almost always regret the decision. Because you’re about to have a lot more freedom than you did in high school, it’s harder to get out of bed and make it to early classes. It’s really important that you actually show up to class and show the professor you are able and willing to learn. Some professors will even give people with good attendance better grades. If you are having trouble with your schedule, make sure to keep a planner with important due dates and exam dates!

Not only can you be a boss at school but you can also transition it to being a rock star at work! It’s easy to forget that not everyone is lucky enough to have a job, so when you do you should be the best! From making sandwiches to being an actual boss, having a job is an opportunity to show your skills and build your resume. Nothing is too big or too small to tackle, and what seem like a small step back can actually teach you lessons that launch your career. Always keep a positive attitude, and learn from your surroundings and superiors.

Another way to appear confident and feel great about yourself is to dress for success. When you dress great, you feel great. Even if your job environment doesn’t have strict dress codes, this doesn’t mean you should get lazy with your appearance. When women take the time to dress the part, people around them treat them differently. Instead of ripped jeans and converse, trade them in for something more trendy and tailored, and some cute flats or heels; see if people start noticing. You will also start feeling the part as well, dressing for success helps you have the confidence to tackle the day.

One of the biggest lessons women must learn in order to be a girlboss is learning how to love yourself. Many girls struggle with the things they can’t change about themselves. Whether it’s your weight, crooked nose, or shyness, you should fully embrace the things that make you you! When you start loving yourself, people around you respect you more because they know you are a force to be reckoned with. There are easy ways to love yourself everyday. Start by looking in the mirror and giving yourself a compliment. You can also keep a list of the things you love about yourself, and if you are ever feeling down or negative, take a look at your list and realize just how awesome you truly are!

On days you aren’t feeling 100%, you should trick yourself and everyone around you by faking it until you make it! This actually helps your confidence. Having confidence is one of they sexiest things a woman can posses. Let the world know your confidence by making eye contact, giving a smile to a stranger, and keeping your head up. Having good body language and an approachable demeanor feels good, and also exudes confidence! Never forget the power of a compliment when you genuinely feel someone deserves it. This shows you aren’t insecure, and you are willing to praise someone even if you don’t get anything from it other than making them smile.