10 Ways Social Media Is RUINING Our Lives


We are more connected than ever thanks to social media networks. We can share what we eat, where we are, and even attend a friend’s wedding on the other side of the world via Facebook live. With all this access to the world around us, is social media actually benefiting us, or could it be causing more harm than good? From destroying relationships, to causing people to be distracted and unproductive these are 10 ways social media is ruining out lives.

If you have social media, chances are you have developed a real case of FOMO. Growing up, it’s not uncommon to have the fear of missing out, but when it starts to transition into your adulthood, there may be a problem. Social media has made it easier than ever to see people the same age as us getting married, having babies, or traveling the world. This can make us think we are missing out on important milestones in life, and can cause some serious depression. If you’re experiencing FOMO, it’s good to remember that we all have different life journeys, and your social media feeds don’t always show the full picture.

Not only can FOMO make us depressed, but also the way we are constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media can wreak havoc on our self worth. Have you ever seen the girl with the perfect body, perfect boyfriend, and perfect life online? The rise of lifestyle envy is a real problem thanks to social media. It seems like others have cuter pets, nicer homes, or cooler vacations because those are the only things they ever post. This can cause many to feel inadequate and raises the chances they will become obsessed with the image they are portraying online, which may not be completely authentic.

Speaking of jealousy, having social media while you’re in a relationship can cause some major bouts of jealousy in your relationship. Flirting with an old fling, or chatting up a stranger you met online may seem harmless, but chances are if you’re in a relationship, your partner may not like it. Social media has connected more people that ever, and raised the level of temptation in the process. Studies have shown that a quarter of couples fight about social media weekly, and the fights can lead to1 in 7 couples discussing divorce. There has also been a rise of trust issues in relationships, as partners don’t share passwords, and can even have secret social media accounts.

One of the most dangerous and saddest ways social media can ruin our lives is from the rise of cyber-bullying. The fact that there is some anonymity online can bring out a dark side of people that may be suppressed in the real world. Grade school kids and teens are most susceptible to cyber-bulling, and the outcome can be mentally scaring. Cyber-bullying on social media can be so devastating that it has driven people to feel as if they are isolated and can no longer go on. 42% of teens say they have been the victims of online bullying. It’s gotten so bad that most states in the US have passed legislation that makes online harassment illegal and punishable by anything from school suspension to actual jail time.