10 Ways Logan Paul Committed Career Suicide In The Suicide Forest


Logan Paul’s face has been painted all over the news since the incident that happened in The Suicide Forest in Japan. With his crude behavior and toxic prank, Logan insulted people from around the globe. Logan since has replaced the video with an apology. However, this didn’t fix the damage that was already done. From YouTube Red and the Blackpills App to Mavericks Apparel, Vine 2 and Google Preferred Ads; the career devastation hasn’t stopped. The main question remains: Whose responsibility is it? Was it the platform’s fault that they allowed this online or his ludicrous entitled actions for his endless hunt for likes, fame, and money? The consequences continue to amass. Logan was let go from “Foursome,” and the film, “Thinning: New World Order,” was put on hold. Watch this video to find out “10 Ways Logan Paul Committed Career Suicide in the Suicide Forest.”