10 ways humans are likely to evolve


We’ve all heard of the process of natural selection, but it turns out that the ways we’re most likely to evolve could involve a very unnatural selection. Imagine being able to replicate your personality and upload it into a computer, or better yet, an android. And could technology help us evolve past our weakness to radiation? One of the secrets to overcoming a hazard of space travel comes from a very surprising source here on Earth. Will technology or biology shape the way humans change?

Once we get to Mars, how will our surroundings impact our evolution? Humans may end up much darker and taller than they are now due to a variety of differences between Mars and our home planet. Find out how we’ll defend against the dangers of ultraviolet light in space. And no, using a higher SPF sunscreen won’t cut it.

If we do end up staying on Earth, we may end up evolving to survive our planet changing. Global warming could have serious impacts on Earth’s topography, but is it enough for humans to grow gills? And could our brains possibly be rewired and maybe even shrink?