10 Viral Stars Who Are Famous For The Wrong Reasons


Thanks to the internet more people are becoming famous for ridiculous reasons than ever! From a girl with an amazing mug shot to rich kids who make fun of others for being poor, the internet doesn’t discriminate on who they make their idols! These are 10 viral stars who are famous for the wrong reasons!

In May of 2016, the internet went crazy for a particular bad girl who looked a little too good in her mug shot. Sarah Seawright was arrested in Arkansas for failure to show up in court for a 2014 arrest. Though it seemed like she was ready for her prison close up, Seawright definitely wasn’t ready to become a viral sensation. When her mug shot made it to a Tumblr page dedicated to women’s mug shots, it quickly went viral, and Seawright became known as #PrinsonBae.

His YouTube videos were already considered controversial, but in 2014 YouTuber Sam Pepper crossed the line. The vlogger caused an uproar when he uploaded a video of him “pranking” women by asking for directions, then pinching their bottoms when they turned around. That wasn’t the last time Pepper found himself in hot water because of his content. In 2015 the star posted another prank video, but this time it involved kidnapping another famous internet star, and convincing him that his friend had been killed. The YouTube community was so disturbed with the video that Sam Pepper ended up deleting his YouTube and Twitter accounts altogether in early 2016.

Dan Bilzerian is known as “The King of Instagram,” and his millions of Instagram followers can see why. He is known to post photos of private jets, shooting guns, and surrounded by scantily clad women. Though many people admire the multimillionaire, Bilzerian has earned a bad-boy reputation for his womanizing ways and a lifestyle that has afforded him 3 heart attacks. Many believe the Instagram star uses women as accessories to get likes on his social media pages. Especially after a model broke her foot when Bilzerian threw her from his roof and into a pool during a photo shoot at his home.

For years “The Fat Jewish” has used his social media feed to post hilarious jokes to his millions of followers. But, he seems to be leaving out one tiny detail, the jokes aren’t his. That’s right, has become wealthy and famous for stealing other writer's jokes. In 2015 he was met with harsh criticism from fellow comedians. This lead “The Fat Jewish” to credit a few of the original authors in his posts, but many remain uncredited.

In 2011 Rebecca Black’s parents gave her permission to record her first music video, at just 13 years old. Little did she know that she was also going to record one of the most famous internet videos ever. Black uploaded her “Friday” music video to YouTube, where it sat unnoticed for a month or two, but then something incredible happened, it started to go viral. The problem is the video went viral because it was horrible, so bad in fact that people described the overly auto-tuned single “Friday” as the worst song of all time.

If you haven’t heard the phrase “Cash me ousside, how bow dah” then you might be living under a rock. In 2016 Danielle Bregoli coined the now infamous phrase while appearing on the Dr. Phil show. The 13-year-old and the expression quickly made headlines, but many people seemed to overlook one thing. The teen was on the show for constantly getting into physical altercations, stealing her mother’s car, and running away 4 times. Since her appearance, she has gained millions of followers on social media and now charges over $30,000 for appearances.

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