10 Video Game Records That Will NEVER Be Broken


The King of Kong documentary has proved to us video game scores, and mullets, are very serious business. We all strive to be the best; it’s actually hardwired in our animal nature to be the best we can be at everything. Whether you are trying to top the leaderboard of your favourite multiplayer game, trying to complete a speedrun or simply playing for bragging rights against a friend, we have all tried to best our fellow gamers at one point or another. There are so many gamers who try to set new video game-related records it is difficult to keep up with everything sometimes.

You can play Tetris until your thumbs are as thick as your neck and never even come close to the highest score, but hopefully you'll have a fun time trying. If trying to get your name etched into the gaming history books, or the Guinness book of World Records in some cases, is your thing, you better be prepared. It’ll take more than Mountain Dew and Doritos to get through this gameplay session. You are going to have to spend hundreds of hours in front of a TV screen mastering the ins and outs of the game of your choice and there may not be any reward for all of your troubles. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Some records are just not meant to be broken no matter how hard we try. Without further ado, here is a list of video game records that will never be broken. Enjoy!