When growing up, many kids dream of becoming a Guinness World Record holder. While some of these records are completely out of reach, many became achievable with the release of the Video Game edition of the World Record book. Now fans can not only track records for their favorite games, but they can attempt to beat them right in their own home. Some of the records require crazy marathons of playing while the following ten can be reached today if you really try hard!

One game that players are constantly trying to get records for is the original Super Mario Bros. One of the easiest ones that you could beat is the record for high score. Using a small glitch and taking the time to collect a lot of coins, you could hold the high score. Minecraft has a lot of cool objectives and things you can do, including riding a pig. If you ride one for long enough, then you could be an official record holder. Toys to life games are really popular and it all started with Skylanders. If you’re a huge Skylander’s fan, then you may be able to show it by amassing the biggest collection of Skylanders merchandise. Both Saints Row the Third and Grand Theft Auto IV have records based off crimes you commit in the games. With some careful planning, you can easily obtain these records. A number of sports games also have records you can beat like Fifa Street, NBA Jam and WWE Day of Reckoning. Watch and get ready for some record-breaking gaming action!