10 Video Game Glitches That Are Actually Helpful


The ability to download game patches is one of the worst things to ever happen to console gaming. In the old days, companies like Nintendo and Sega would test their games in order to remove any bugs. Now that patches can be added to console games, developers have become lazy. From the glitch Pokémon that gives away gifts like Santa, to the secret death beam of Samus Aran, here are the 16 Video Game Glitches That Are Actually Helpful. Gears of war allows you to bounce off walls of duck and cover. Bayonetta glitch gives you the ability to launch rockets at higher speeds and become nearly invincible. Resident Evil 4 you can turn from a zombie hunter to a pro wrestler slamming your predator. Final Fantasy VI glitch is awesome to take advantage of because you can become undefeatable. Street Fighter’s Guile has an unstoppable glitch which allows you to win every time. Dark Souls is insanely difficult but with this hack you’ll have the game beat in no time. Mega Man’s most difficult Yellow Devil villain can be “paused” to become one of the easiest. Mario Kart 64 is a blast and when you fall off the rainbow makes getting through this terrain more doable. Fire Emblem glitch gives you the ability to blast through this game far easier than before by laying mines down. Super Metroid is by far one of the most difficult SNES games but with this glitch you’ll be through it in no time.