10 Video Game Cheats Every Gamer Needs


Cheating is not acceptable in many areas of life, but in the video game world, as long as you’re not playing e-sports, most people don’t have a problem with cheating. There's nothing like an awesome cheat code. The ability to cheat past a boss or level that is giving up too much trouble may be the easy way out, but it may be the only way out for some gamers. Before the Internet, the cheat code was a much-coveted thing. Discovering a cheat code back in the day was similar to an archaeologist discovering a fossil. With the onset of both the web and more sophisticated game development, the novelty of the cheat code has worn off substantially. It usually begins with some hacker sneaking into the game’s console to manipulate a line of code and find a cheat. Besides, cheating has become increasingly more marginalized thanks to the constantly expanding gaming community. Seriously when was the last time anyone used something besides the internet to find out a cheat code? Nevertheless, the 10 cheat codes have withstood the test of time and have remained relevant even in 2017. These cheats have greatly increased the enjoyment these games bring to our lives and have built reputations in the process. Whether it’s making a strenuously difficult game easier and more tolerable, adding an unexpected surreal element or being outright silly, here are 10 video game cheats every gamer needs. Enjoy!