10 Useless Body Parts You Have For No Reason


There are many signs on our bodies that show just how different we are from our distant ancestors. From the way we eat, to our every day lives there isn’t much that link us to the primitive version of humans. That is except for a few questionable body parts! From your wisdom teeth to your pinky toes, these are 10 useless body parts you have for no reason!

Throughout the ages, humans have developed smaller jaws. With smaller jaws came the overcrowding of teeth. Because of this, we no longer have room for our wisdom teeth. According to science, early humans had to have larger jaws and more teeth to work through uncooked veggies and meat. Since our diets are much different now, we have obtained smaller jaws, making our wisdom teeth more of a nuisance than a necessity.

A couple of the most useless body parts that every man has are their nipples. They don’t support life, and they are mostly there for decoration. The only reason men even have nipples is because they might have been girls! In the womb, men and women develop the same way in the first 60 days. After that, anyone with a Y chromosome starts gaining testosterone, which then helps develop male sex organs. Since nipples don’t harm the development of men, they haven’t been weeded out by natural selection.

Because primitive humans had mostly plant-based diets, they made great use of their appendixes. The appendix is a small pouch found between the small and large intestines, and was once used for breaking down cellulose. Since our diets have drastically changed, the appendix is now completely useless! Not only that, but 300,000 people a year go to hospitals for ruptured appendixes. So basically, appendixes are ticking time bombs, and are so worthless the black market doesn’t even want them.

Apparently we had some pretty hairy ancestors considering some people are still covered in body hair. Though the hair on our heads, and on men’s faces still serve purposes, the hair on the rest of our bodies don’t. Many people believe that our body hair helps us know when there are insects on us, or help keep us warm. But, both of those problems have modern solutions like insect repellent and clothing. This means the hair on our bodies provides no service other than being painful when we rip it out.

The auricular tubercle, also known as “Darwin’s Tubercle” is so useless that evolution has almost gotten rid of it. Only about 10% of humans still have the auricular tubercle, which is a small fold of skin on the upper ear. Though researchers are unclear about what it was once useful for, they think it might have helped ears swivel or bend down. We aren’t sure why our ears would have ever needed to fold, but we are happy this useless body part is on its way out!

If you look down at your wrist and touch your pinky to your thumb and see a raised tendon, congratulations you have a useless tendon! In fact, only 14% of the human population doesn’t have the Palmaris Longus, it’s scientific name. Scientists believe the tendon helped our ancestors grab and hang on to tree branches easier. But, since we have other means of transportation other than swinging from tree to tree, the Palmaris Longus is yet another pointless body part.

That’s right, your smallest little piggy isn’t really functional. When we walk, our feet distribute our weight towards the inside of each foot. This makes our big toe and the 2nd the most important, but means our pinky toes are useless. Doctors claim we could easily walk without pinky toes, and not even notice they are missing. Thankfully evolution hasn’t eliminated the pinky toe, because then we wouldn’t have a piggy to say, “Wee wee wee all the way home”!