10 Unusual Schools From Around the World


Growing up, going to school probably wasn’t everyone’s favorite past time. But school is a rite of passage for us all, and it is a chapter in our young lives that we can all relate to. Depending on our performance in school, it set the foundation for our future. If we performed well, then we most likely got into a good college as well and able to land well-paying jobs. If we didn’t perform well in school, then we struggled a bit more and had to work harder for success. But in the last half century, studies have shown that we all learn in different ways, and just because we might have struggled in school, doesn’t mean that we aren’t smart. All it means is that we haven’t found the right method of learning. Some people aren’t even meant for academic life and meant to do something more physical and labor intensive. Because of this realization, different kinds of schools are popping up to accommodate these differing needs.

In this video are ten unusual schools from around the world. From learning on a boat to learning about how to be a witch, or even a blue man, these schools are unique and maybe even a bit bizarre. It just goes to show that no matter what you want to learn about, there is a school for it. As society continues to evolve and change and have different interests, these unusual schools will soon be joined by more different academies that will soon be able to teach anything to anyone.