10 Unusual People Who Are Addicted To Injections


When it comes to beauty and self-improvement, we are always trying to look our best. Usually, that means looking as young as possible and having a body that we can all be proud of. But achieving the perfect body is not an easy endeavor. That doesn’t mean that those who are striving for perfection don’t want to work hard, but sometimes the hurdles can be too much. With the invention of plastic surgery, people now have access to perfection. As we all know, plastic surgery is very expensive. But with simple injections, one can touch up their looks at an affordable cost and take away wrinkles in an instant. However, the practice can become very addicting, and that is when many people go too far. They go from looking normal to almost alien-like with unnatural smoothness and weird body proportions that can make anyone uncomfortable.

In this video are ten usual people who are addicted to injections. The people in this video have a clear picture of what they want themselves to look like. Some of the people in this video even went outside of the law to get their injections when no other doctor would perform the procedure legally. Regardless of the danger, these people were willing to risk it all to look beautiful. It’s hard to tell whether their final look was what they dreamed of, but they seem proud of what they’ve done. Granted, there are a few people you will meet in this video who regret what they have done, and are seeking to reverse the damage.