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10 Unusual Bodybuilders You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


If you like working out and are impressed by people with big muscles, then you’ve come to the right place. There is a bit of catch, however. You see, not everyone looks like the stereotypical bodybuilder we imagine when we think of this sport. If you don’t know what we mean then check out these 10 unusual bodybuilders to see how competitors come in all shapes and sizes.
We’ll start you off with the incredible Barbie Thomas. She has no arms but that hasn’t stopped her from building an incredible physique and life story. Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev may have passed in 2012, but he is an incredible case of how we shouldn’t judge someone by their size. Born without a right pectoral muscle, bodybuilder Gunnar Anderson hasn’t let that stop him from standing out among his peers. Like Dev, Amanda Loy overcame incredible odds in the bodybuilding world, which is no small feat considering her rather small size. We’ll also take a quick look at the role of steroids and synthol injections and how they make some individuals look more than a bit unusual. Speaking of unusual, bodybuilder Sasha Shpak is an internet favorite thanks to his muscles and rather unusual tattoos. It creates a rather surreal image. Tommy Murrell looks like any typical bodybuilder but he actually started out as a she and we’ll tell you about this fascinating transgender individual. Having lost his legs and forced to use a wheelchair, Nick Scott turned things around in a pretty remarkable way. Age is just a number and Ray Moon proves this thanks to the fact he’s a rather ‘senior’ bodybuilder. But it’s not just about the older guys, either. We’ll end things off with Pat Reeves, a granny who appears nowhere ready to head off to the old folk’s home.