10 Types Of People At Starbucks


Driving through any town in America, there is a good chance you will run into a Starbucks. People love their coffee, and for many American’s Starbucks hits the spot. But, have you ever noticed how different many of the Starbucks’ customers actually are? From people working on their art, to high school girls giggling in line, these are 10 types of people at Starbucks!

It’s 7:00am at Starbucks, and more likely than not, the people you will see are lethargic and haven’t had their coffee yet. They can be irritable, and so tired it’s a wonder they even got their clothes on. If you are in line with someone who hasn’t had their coffee yet, it’s best to not talk to them. People who need coffee to function in the morning would rather you wait and talk to them after they’ve had their coffee, or after 10:30am, which ever comes first!

There are people that work from home, but can’t actually work from home. Whether it’s having distracting kids, or trying to maintain a regular work routine, these people decide to make Starbucks their office. They will set up shop early in the morning so they can have access to the power outlets. After that, they order one drink and stay all day hogging the Wi-Fi and the comfy couches or chairs.

Considering its amazing Wi-Fi and plethora of food and coffee choices, Starbucks has become an artist haven. At any given time you can catch someone working on a script to the next brilliant TV show, or someone editing a music video that they also directed. A lot of artists like the vibe of Starbucks because chances are they will be around other artists, which makes for good energy. Watch out for the artists, because like home workers, they too will stay all day with one drink, and hog the power outlets.

For anyone who is in a hurry to get his or her coffee fix, being behind a Starbucks newbie could be your worst nightmare. From a macchiato to a white flat, the difference in choices can be a little confusing. Then, mix in the fact that the sizes are in another language, it can get even more confusing for a first timer. If you notice someone who may be a newbie, just be patient, and remember that you too were once the Starbucks newbie!

This poor woman has been up for hours, and probably has 3 kids under the age of 5 running around her feet. To the stressed out mom, Starbucks is a lifeline. It’s a little stop the mom can make that will help her fuel up for the rest of the day. Out of all the people in Starbucks, this woman has the toughest job, being a mom. Stay out of her way, because she doesn’t have the patients to deal with her kids, and someone coming between her and her coffee fix!

The patron saints of any Starbucks are the people who keep it running, the baristas. They have to deal with uncaffeinated crazies all day, as well as keeping a happy demeanor. Starbucks’ baristas deliver smiles to the masses by way of coffee, and misspelling names. You may never know how difficult their job can get, but the baristas are the glue that holds everyone else at Starbucks together!