10 Types Of Girlfriends Guys HATE


There are certain types of girls most guys try to avoid at all costs. These girls are able to hide their unfavorable traits up until they enter a committed relationship. Slowly, they begin to reveal their true self, and it sends most guys running for the hills. Here are a few of the types of girlfriends guys hate.

Most guys agree a gold digger is one type of girlfriend they just can’t stand. When a girl has her eyes set on a guy’s wallet and tries to bleed him dry by asking for money and asking him to pay all of her bills, he knows she’s not in the relationship for love. A girl who’s more concerned with the amount of money a guy has in his bank account and what he can do for her financially is the type of girlfriend all guys want to avoid.

The drama queen always has something to complain about, and her dramatic behavior is what sends most guys over the edge. When a girl throws a fit over every little thing, it becomes tiring and very annoying. Drama is one thing all guys want to avoid in relationships, so if a girl is getting upset at him all the time, blaming him for everything, and overreacting about the littles things, it’s a major red flag.

This type of girlfriend thinks all guys should bow down at her feet and feed her grapes while she lounges on a bed of roses. The spoiled princess is used to having everything handed to her, and she expects her boyfriend to cater to her every whim. But this type of girlfriend finds out soon enough that the spoiled princess act is something most guys don’t want to deal with. A relationship should go both ways, and if a guy isn’t getting his needs met because he has to cater to his girlfriend all day, this is one relationship that won’t be lasting for long.

The girlfriend who’s obsessed with all things social media-related can make her boyfriend’s life unbearable. She uses him as her personal photographer to snap pictures of her outfit of the day, and she constantly makes him reenact really sweet moments so she can videotape them for Snapchat. She lives her entire life online, and she’s way too concerned with giving the appearance of a happy relationship to her followers rather than just living in the moment.

Can you relate to any of these types of girlfriends?