10 Twisted Things Logan Paul Has Done Before That Everyone Ignored


Logan Paul has been quite the topic of interest in the past year. Given that his claim to fame has been entertaining us through outlets like Vine and YouTube, he’s had a bit more leeway with his shenanigans. That means that he is own boss and rarely has to answer to anyone for his actions. Why?Well, he has been doing crazy things for a while, and they just keep getting more twisted. But as these things were happening, everyone ignored them or just accepted them. Perhaps that’s why he thought he could continue to push the envelope and do whatever he wanted without consequences. We all didn’t say anything before the incident in Japan, so maybe he thought his twisted actions were okay? Maybe it’s not Logan Paul we should be mad at. But instead, we need to look within ourselves and consider the fact that maybe society is to blame for letting Logan push all these buttons in the first place!