10 Tricks To Make A Girl Like You


There are tons of magazines, books, and even movies that try to let the world know what women like in potential partners. But, with so much information out there, where do you even start? No need to fret, we have some answers for you when it comes to what girls are looking for in a partner! From making sure you have a passion, to learning how to be independent, these are 10 tricks to make a girl like you.

Girls like to take things slow, and she will appreciate it if you did too. When trying to start a flame, it’s best to slowly work your way to the steamy stuff. It will take more than 10 dates for a girl to fall for you, or at least let you know she has fallen for you. You should also refrain from professing your undying love to her after 2 to 3 dates. This will surely backfire as she may think you are clingy, and move way to fast. When in doubt, relax, and let her know you are there for the right reasons by slowing down!

Having a life of your own is essential to any relationship. Know what you want in life, and be self aware of what you want in a relationship. Having your own time to fulfill your needs is just as sexy as trying to fill her needs. If you have hobbies, friends, and activities you do, you shouldn’t stop them for a girl. You should also know how to take care of yourself, and your home! Girls don’t want to be mothers, so show a little independence!

There is nothing wrong with being charming and flirting, but sometimes it can backfire. If girls notice you flirting with a lot of other girls, they will assume that’s just how you are. How is someone supposed to know if you think they are special, when you treat everyone as if they are special? It’s ok to be nice, but when you treat every girl like the apple of your eye, you might turn off your crush in the process. Try to tone it down a bit, and save the flirting for the girl you have your eye on

Have you ever though about playing an instrument, or a sport, or getting into politics? All of these things involve being passionate. Girls love it when the person they have their eye on is passionate about something. But, if you pretend you’re passionate about something, a girl will see right through you. If you don’t have a passion, try new things that you’ve been meaning to do, you never know what will click!

Find out what your crush is good at or passionate about, and encourage her to keep doing it! If they are on the track team, play basketball, or in band, you should attend those events where she can show off her skills. If she is an artist, take time to view her art and let her know how awesome it is. Girls want a partner who understands and encourages their desires. You should always do your best to lift her up, and always be a team player when it comes to forming a relationship with a girl!

There are many ways you can give a girl attention that will make her like you! If you notice something different about her, compliment it! If you are talking to her, actually listen and let her know you are listening by surprising her later. If you are out with a group of people, make a special effort to treat her differently. She will notice you are giving her special attention, and she will either respond positively, or shut you down. Either way, you will know where you stand with a girl when you give her attention!

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