10 Toy Story Theories That Will Blow Your Mind


There are some pretty wild fan theories that have been floating around the Toy Story trilogy. We’ll fill you in.

Supposedly Andy’s toys are immortals and the only way to die is by being burned or crushed. Toy Story 3 is pretty dark and people have speculated several theories about the film saying that is has undertones of Marxism, it has referenced the Illuminati, and also parallels the toys as victims of the holocaust. Buzz was given credit to creating the toys into a pyramid with himself on top. Lotso was seen as an evil dictator who would incinerate toys, or put them in jail if they were out of line. The toys were split in half between the ruling and working classes.

One happier part of Toy Story 3 was the fact that we caught a glimpse of a garbageman that could have been none other than Sid Phillips. Did you notice the white skull on his shirt?

Someone else has theorized that The Walking Dead was based on the Toy Story movies seeing as both of the main heroes are sheriffs and they each lead a group bound by fate.

Jon Lasseter created an innovative movie for the time with Toy Story when back then, Disney wanted to stick to hand-drawn animation. The story is supposed to be an allegory of Jon Lasseter’s time with Disney as they transitioned into the world of computer animation.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Andy’s dad? Supposedly he died of polio and left Andy his toys. Another theory is that Andy’s parents are getting a divorce. Well, what did you think of this list?