10 Tips That Will Save Your Life One Day Part 2


In this day and age, safety is paramount. We’re always looking over our shoulders and waiting for something bad to happen, and it’s barely even safe enough to walk home alone anymore. Gone are the days our parents told us about, when they used to walk back at 3am and stop for a chat with every other stranger along the way.

But aside cowering away from our neighbours, we also have to keep an eye out on our surroundings. You never know when something bad is about to happen, so it’s better to be prepared. As a result, we’ve put together a list of 10 things to learn which could go on to save your life one day. So, what are we covering today? We’ll be teaching you how you can use pants as a life jacket, if you find yourself in deep water. We’ll also show you how you can use that superhuman adrenaline based strength to pick someone up in an emergency without damaging your back. Aside this, we’ll also prepare you to look after other people if danger strikes: do you know how to help someone who’s having a seizure? Well, you certainly will in just over 10 minutes.

Other than this, you’ll soon be fully aware of where you should put your car keys overnight, and how they can save your life if someone breaks into your house. We’ll tell you how to stay safe if you’ve got a dodgy looking taxi driver, and how to dial 911 if you’re in an area with no reception, too.