10 Times WWE Superstars Broke The Ring


A wrestling ring is a sacred battleground for pro wrestlers to ply their art. Ok sure maybe it’s been desecrated by weddings, live hanky-panky celebrations and Eva Marie matches but it still carries a mystical air nonetheless. It seems indestructible as it has held more than a dozen wrestlers at once in various Royal Rumble matches throughout the years. There’s no way it could possibly break! Except all the times where it totally has.

Often times it can be attributed to super heavyweights doing things that you wouldn’t expect from 300 plus pounders. Going to the top rope is always a bizarre sight for super heavyweights like Brock Lesnar, Big Show and Mark Henry. What comes up must come down after all and of course when these mammoths come down they bring the entire ring down with them.

Other times the destruction of the ring can be attributed to supernatural forces. No, not actual supernatural forces (if they do exist) but kayfabe supernatural forces of course! The Undertaker has often times invoked his dark side powers and destroyed the ring in one way or another.

For all the times where wrestling has broken the canvas they paint their beautiful violence on, we had to make a list of them. Here are 10 Times WWE Superstars Broke The Ring.