10 Times WWE Employees Got In The Way Of Wrestlers


The Superstars competing in the ring are trained professionals ready to take hits, bumps, and anything else that comes their way. The rest of the WWE crew is not prepared for these attacks. When the chaos of a match starts spilling over into other aspects, it can create all types of problems and lead to some crazy attacks or injuries. The following ten WWE employees, were attacked, injured, and sustained unsuspected problems during their time in and out of the ring.

Being a WWE referee comes with a lot of hazards. Just ask retired ref Tim White about his experience in the Hell in a Cell match. He was slammed against the cell wall and injured so bad that he needed surgery. When Brock Lesnar gets angry, there is usually an innocent bystander hurt in the process. That’s exactly what happened to a camera man on an episode of WWE Raw. Ryback had no respect for the catering or arena staff when he pummeled a random employee through a table. Dean Ambrose is known for being unhinged and his crazy aggression led to a cameraman getting pummeled in the process. Referee John Cone took one of the worst bumps of his life when the Big Show and Braun Strowman caused the whole ring to collapse. At the first Hell in a Cell match, a cameraman felt the wrath of an angry Shawn Michaels that collided with him. Mark Henry got distracted by theme song music and took out his frustrations on an innocent audio tech. Other injuries occurred at the hands of Shawn Michaels, Baron Corbin, and The Undertaker.