10 Times Trump Made Us CRINGE


The leader of the free world, Donald Trump, has had some pretty cringe worthy moments since he announced he was running for President in 2015. From uncomfortable kisses, to strange body language, we can’t help but to shudder from the awkwardness! From talking about dating his daughter, to trying to kiss a little, these are 10 times Trump made us CRINGE!

In 2013, before the Donald decided he wanted to become the President of the United States, he was busy making appearances on TV. One of those appearances included being on the Wendy Williams talk show with his daughter Ivanka. During the interview, Williams wanted to learn about the father and daughter’s relationship. She asked the pair about things they had in common, and for some reason, Trump thought it was ok to say they both liked sex. You could see the look of terror on his daughters face after her father’s revelation.

While on the campaign trail to win the Republican nomination for President, candidate Marco Rubio had a suggestive critique of Trump’s hand size. Senator Rubio claimed that he didn’t understand why a guy who was so large in size had such tiny hands. This immediately brought the crowd and Donald Trump to a frenzy. It was fine when Trump went on to brag about how far he can hit a golf ball. But everyone gagged in disgust when he bragged about the size of his manhood, and not having any problems with it.

Trump doesn’t do well with criticism, so when he didn’t do well during a debate in 2015, he blamed it on then Fox News corresponded, Megyn Kelly. During an interview after the debate, Trump revealed why he thought he struggled. He claimed that Kelly, who was a moderator for the debate, had off base questioned and was out to get him. He then accused Kelly of having “blood coming from her eyes” and “blood coming from her where ever”. Suggesting that Kelly was on her period, and was trying to sabotage him.

Donald Trump is no stranger when it comes to making creepy statements about his daughter. But, one of his most questionable moments occurred when Trump visited the TV show “The View” with his daughter. During the visit he proceeded to praise his daughter, and even suggested that if he wasn’t her father that he would be dating her. Not only did he make the women on the show uncomfortable, but Ivanka also looked completely creeped out by her father.

While Trump was on the campaign trail to become president in late 2016, he made a stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin. All was going fine until he pointed to a young girl in the crowd. Trump praised the littler girl for being beautiful, and then invited her on stage. Trump proceeded to hold the little girl, and gave her a forced kiss on the cheek. He then put her back down, and went in for another kiss, but this time it seemed like he was going to kiss her on the mouth. The little girl gave Trump the strong arm, and blocked his creepy lips before they could land on her!

After photos were released showing what looked like a dismal crowd at Trump’s inauguration, Trump was quick to address the country. At the CIA Headquarters in Virginia, Trump addressed the nation to give himself a pat on the back for his successful inauguration night. He claimed that the news outlets publishing photos were lying, and that it was the biggest and best inauguration in history. Many people criticized Trump for giving such a trivial speech in front of a memorial that recognizes CIA officers killed in the line of duty.