10 Times There Was a Glitch in the Matrix


You remember the movie the Matrix? In the 1999 cult classic, the main character Neo discovers the world that controls the universe that we all live in. Well, if you remember the movie, you’ll know that from time to time, the Matrix will have glitches causing you to see multiples of something. But noticing these glitches is never good. Once someone becomes aware of the matrix, they are immediately hunted.

The problem is that sometimes in life we come across these uncanny instances that can only be explained as a glitch in the matrix of the real world. For instance, sometimes you might come across two people standing near each other with an identical outfit. You think to yourself, maybe they are just twins. But, you get this eerie feeling that you can’t explain. And then you notice they are also strangely doing the exact same thing. You may just be stuck in the middle of a glitch in the matrix.

So, we’ve rounded up the top ten strangest moments of déjà vu when people met their doppelgänger. Take for example the time when a woman sat right in the middle of two older women who were dressed identically and doing the exact same crossword puzzle but didn’t seem to know each other. And we couldn’t leave out the time a man was walking down the street in front of a complete copy and pasted version of himself.

These instances are too hard to explain, so we’d better just show you what we mean. Here are 10 Times There Was a Glitch in the Matrix.