10 Times Teachers Got Owned By Their Students


When we’re kids and young adults, we spend a considerable amount of time in school. In fact, looking back, some of that time we spent in the classroom likely felt more like work and less like learning. Come to think of it, it was like work and we weren’t paid for it. In all seriousness, throughout school we likely made a lot of friends and had some pretty good times. Then there were those moments we hated – like dealing with that hard teacher. Sometimes, though, the students turned the tables and managed to teach the teacher a lesson in ‘Getting Owned 101.’

Ahead, we’ve got a variety of examples concerning teachers getting owned by their students. The severity of the burn received in these cases varies from the fun and humorous to the downright brutal. There’s the student who literally created a letter a Chinese immigrant may have written home to their family. We bet that was hard for the teacher to read. Then, there’s the student who squared off against the gym teacher on the basketball court. We’ll let you guess who ended up on the floor. When a teacher tried to make math fun by creating a Pokémon-themed question, the last thing they likely expected was to get owned by the answer. On a more serious level, at Washington University resulted in one professor getting publically burned in the school paper. Then there are two examples of teachers who tried to be witty and sarcastic only to get owned by students on Facebook. A foreign teacher who lost his temper with a little girl found out quickly that you shouldn’t try to humiliate a student in front of the class or you will be the one learning a lesson. Of course, we’ll also look at high school student Jeff Bliss who famously called out his teacher in front of the class because the students were being neglected. One unnamed student shared their story of how they slowly built their case against a disrespectful and mean teacher before unleashing a massive case of ‘ownage’ upon them. Finally, there’s the time students played an April Fool’s Day joke on their teacher involving his strict rule about phones in the classroom.