10 Times People Taunted And Got Owned


They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, but we prefer our stories of revenge piping hot. Many of us have been the victims of bullying or taunting by others and wished we could do something about it. But sometimes, karma really does seem to kick into gear and those who taunt others get exactly what they deserve. We’ll show you ten times people made the decision to taunt and ended up paying dearly because of it. Bullying can start incredibly young, and and at least 7th grade bully Ritchard Gale hopefully got it out of his system before adulthood when he was slammed into the ground by his would-be victim. Although his identity remains anonymous, one judgmental gym-goer was taken down several pegs by the combined effort of Reddit and 4Chan when he attempted to shame a fellow gym patron. You know it’s bad when the guy’s mom even chews him out for his shameful behavior! Dean Gardener and Jason Fender were enjoying some drinks on the town when they decided to heckle two crossdressers enjoying their evening. Unluckily for this pair of bigots, the men they were taunting were actually cage fighters when they weren’t enjoying some dress up. Besides these everyday tales of ownage, we also have some rather infamous ones. For some reason, people like Ronda Rousey and Bethe Correia insist on making Holly Holm angry, which has been proven an excellent strategy in getting knocked down in the ring.