10 times people failed hilariously at DIY Pinterest projects


How did people learn how to do things before the internet? They probably read books on the subjects they were interested in. But, that takes so long! Nowadays, you can just go on Pinterest and find the latest recipe or tutorial, and you have everything you need to know. Pinterest tutorials have everything from cleaning a wedding dress to making glow in the dark nail polish. Skilled Pinterest users are able to show others how to do projects in a few easy steps. But, sometimes a project that may seem simple is much harder than you ever imagined.

For instance, one woman wanted to bring life to some of her old furniture. She looked for a way to transform an old style chair with flowers into a more modern place to sit. She found an easy way to spray paint the chair on Pinterest. But, what she got was nowhere near the same as the pretty Pinterest photos! The spray didn’t even begin to cover the flowers on the chair. She ended up with a chair that looked worse off than when she began.

She is not the only one. Many people who would like to follow tutorials end up with disastrous results. Take the woman who wanted to make her own Samoas. All she wanted was delicious cookies, but what she ended up with was a chocolatey mess!

Want to see some of the funniest Pinterest DIY fails? Stay tuned to 10 Times People Failed Hilariously at DIY Pinterest Projects! You won’t believe some of these crazy fails!