10 Times People Failed At Nail Art


Nail art fails can be totally hilarious. After all, when there’s a nail art expectation and reality comparison, you can’t help but notice the glaring mistakes. There are so many beautiful examples of stunning nail art on Pinterest and Instagram that it can inspire many an amateur to have a go themselves. But like so many things that we try ourselves, DIY nail art is not easy. Sure, the pros make it look simple, especially when they share nail art tutorials, but the result can all too often be a nail art epic fail of huge proportions. Just like these 10 beauties we’ve found.

There are some basics you need to master before you can truly hope to achieve a professional nail art finish. Like letting your nails dry completely before moving onto other tasks. A smudged nail is not a pretty sight to behold. You also need to have the right size applicator. It’s no wonder that thin line you’re attempting looks more like a thick wavy mess when you use a tool that’s far too big. You need steady hands and, preferably, ambidextrous skills. Otherwise you’ll have one hand that looks half decent, and the other that looks atrocious. Oh and don’t ask your partner to help, unless you want to look like there’s blood oozing from your nails.

Some of the most popular nail art designs are the hardest to copy. Like patriotic nail art. Stick with simple block colors to show your allegiance, particularly when your attempt at stars and stripes doesn’t quite have the slick finish you were hoping for. Stripes are a serious challenge, and when you try to bend them in chevrons, you’re asking for trouble. But that’s nothing compared to the free flowing water marble nail art technique that often ends up with a load of polish all over the flesh rather than the nail. Swirls are just as hard as straight lines, it seems

Then there are those cute novelty shapes like moustaches and textures like quilted finishes that really should always be left to the pros. Or those with more time and talent. And don’t even get us started on the monstrosity that is the bubble nail. If you want to look like you have a disease, by all means go ahead and try this one at home. Otherwise steer well clear.

Watch our video to see some of the funniest nail art fails, and be sure to give it a BIG thumbs UP with your perfectly painted talons!