10 Times People Failed At Nail Art pt. 2


Nail art is the biggest craze to hit the beauty industry. There are so many DIY nail art tutorials that can be found around the Internet; and with a little bit of patience, a steady hand, and an eye for design, you can recreate these looks right in the comfort of your own home. But sometimes, tackling nail art can prove to be a bit challenging.

When the holidays roll around, it’s normal to want to get festive by decorating your nails in fun, holiday-inspired colors. This candy cane design is perfect for the holiday season, and it looks pretty easy to achieve, right? All you need is some white and red sparkly polish and a steady hand to draw each straight line. But I guess this look is much harder to perfect than we imagined. Just take a look at this epic fail full of uneven, squiggly lines. This messy application would definitely make us hide our hands in our pockets forever.

If you’re feeling a bit patriotic, this nail trend is right up your alley. We’re drawn to the red, white and blue nail colors, the glittery accent nail, and the red heart front and center on the ring finger in patriotic nail designs. It looks pretty easy to recreate, right? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This DIY attempt at a patriotic manicure turned into a complete disaster. The white and blue stripes are completely uneven, and the heart has been smudged one too many times.

Nail art that uses a mixture of various colors is definitely our favorite, like the tie dye nail art trend. To recreate this look, you need to dip your fingertips in a bowl full of water and various bright colors of nail polish. Then, place pieces of tape around the nail to protect the skin from getting messy. This DIYer had the right idea, but her execution was flawed. Her tie dye nails ended up looking like a drippy, gooey mess.

Gradient nails also combine various colors that compliment each other. Using a sponge, you can apply a mixture of the two colors to your nails to create a subtle yet eye-catching effect. But this DIY attempt turned into an epic disaster. The shades of blue are way too similar to pull off the gradient effect, and it looks like more polish ended up on her skin than on her fingernails.

Sometimes, fashion trends are used to create dazzling nail designs. And what’s better than wearing a beautiful plaid shirt? How about plaid nails? This nail art trend is insanely popular, and it adds a little bit of fashionable style to your nails. But perhaps this DIYer should have thought twice before attempting to recreate this design. To achieve this look, you need to cut various colors of tape into strips. Then, the tape is aligned on the nails to create the plaid effect. But obviously, this DIYer missed a step or two in the process, because her plaid nails ended up looking more like an orange blob.