10 Times People Absolutely WON The Food Lottery


What would you do if you won the lottery when it comes to food? All of those epic finds and hidden treasures in food all give us hope for a better tomorrow. We can all agree that most of us like food. The kind of people who “eat to live” and don’t care about flavors...how do you even deal? Anyway, there are little rare moments that happen that make us believe that a deity exists and they are smiling down on us. Ever order a pizza and found the pizza maker found favor in you and added extras of all your favorite toppings? That’s called a food lottery. It’s when you find that extra cookie in the package, or an extra bag of chips falls out of the vending machine. It’s all pure luck, but food lottery moments happen from time to time. The more you learn about these moments, may you be filled with hope that the moment will eventually happen to you! To prove how obsessed society is over food, you can easily go viral if you find something like an oversized potato chip or an extra grape inside another grape!

In this video, you’re going to see 10 times people absolutely won the food lottery! Sometimes, these moments come at the perfect time. Maybe the person is strapped for cash and needs the extra food, or they just need a boost from life in general. Whatever the moment may be, a win in the food lottery is always necessary!