10 Times People Absolutely LOST the Food Lottery


Today, we’ll talk about the people who absolutely lost the food lottery and ended up with a food mishap instead. Join us as we look at unfortunate-looking avocados, canned water, a loaf full of air, an ice cream without a cone, a falsely advertised cranberry chocolate, the tiniest lemon in the world, and a sandwich that should never exist.

There are two general things that can happen when you buy an avocado. You either purchase one that’s too ripe, or one that’s not ripe at all. But wait until you see what this unfortunate avocado looks like!

All this user’s mother wanted was to cook some beans, but when she opened the can, she was only able to find water inside! We’re not sure how this happened, but it’s without a doubt the weirdest thing ever!

When you buy an ice cream with a cone, you’d usually expect a cone to come with the thing too. Unfortunately, this person purchased a cornetto without a cone!

Cranberry chocolate is totally delicious, but wait until you see how this person managed to lose the food lottery! Their cranberry chocolate only has six cranberries!

We’re pretty sure Joey Tribbiani would not approve of this sandwich. It looks normal from the top, but if you try to bite into it, you’ll end up disappointed! What a mishap!

From avocados, bread, and lemon to ice cream, a sandwich, and canned water, these are some of the worst cases where people have absolutely lost the food lottery!