10 Times People Absolutely Lost The Food Lottery


Sometimes, we feel like we won the food lottery. Maybe you paid for one snack in the vending machine, but received two instead, or perhaps you found an extra large chip just when you thought you were nearly out. These occasions can reaffirm our belief in a higher power, and make our day immensely better. However, sometimes we lose the food lottery in an epic way. We have all experienced the pain and anguish that occurs when you realize you got a bag of burnt chips, or that your banana is secretly bruised. The people in this video wish that those were their worst problems. Bruised bananas are bad, but they are certainly better than finding a live scorpion mixed in with the bananas you purchased from your local Costco. We all know that fast food isn’t good for us, but one man got more than just a mouthful of grease when he bit into some chicken from KFC. Initially, he thought it was a brain, but thankfully KFC reassured him that it was just a harmless kidney. If you prefer to go for some healthy food, you could try ordering a salad. Just make sure that it doesn’t include any lizard heads like the one a woman from New York found in hers. Frozen veggies can be great as well, unless there is a frozen frog lurking in the bag along with the peas, carrots, and corn. Thankfully, most of these people noticed something was amiss before they bit in, but the man who found a frog in his Diet Pepsi wasn’t quite so lucky.