10 Times Logan Paul Went TOO FAR


Logan Paul would do anything to get more views on YouTube and this is why he keeps pushing the limits in every video. Either you love the Logang or Team 10, you have already heard about the feud between Logan and his brother Jake Paul, two YouTubers who keep insulting each other in diss tracks and pull pranks on each other. This is why today, we are showing you 10 Times Logan Paul Went Too Far.

The Paul brothers are two YouTubers who love diss tracks. The Logang started it and Team 10 wanted to end this. But Logan Paul went way too far when he released the second verse that wasn’t in the original song because it was way too mean. And we quickly realized why Jake Paul would hate it. His ex, Alissa Violet, was part of the video.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul love to pull pranks on each other but we think that the YouTuber went a little too far this time. With the help of some Team 10 members, the Logang turned Jake’s pool into slime. How is he ever going to clean this up? Make sure you watch this video to hear more about Logan’s crazy pranks.

Stay tuned to hear more about times when Logan Paul went too far like when he was arrested in Italy, when he lost a part of his body during a stunt, when he hired secret services to arrest his brother, and more. What is the worst thing that you ever did to your sibling? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think!