10 Times Jake Paul's Team 10 Lied STRAIGHT to Your Face


Team 10 is everywhere. One the most enticing things about the crew is that they supposedly share every moment of their lives with their fans. They are completely transparent. At least, that’s what they want us to believe. But there have been times where the team has flat out lied. Here is a list of 10 Times Jake Paul’s Team 10 Lied STRAIGHT to Your Face!

Just take Jake Paul’s relationship with Erika Costell. Not only was their marriage fake, but the whole relationship was just for show. All those cute Instagram posts and videos that the two made about each other were all fake. It was just another way to get their subscriber count up.

Or look at all the drama that Team 10 has with FaZe Banks. They claim that he assaulted Jake’s assistant Meg, but they don’t have any proof. Banks also says that the screenshots that the team posted to social media to prove their side of the story are cropped.

Even Alissa Violet and Jake Paul’s split contains some blatant lies. Alissa claims that Jake threw her out and kept all of her stuff. Jake claims that he asked her repeatedly to move out. Both say that the other cheated on them. Someone is lying and this video will get to the bottom of who that is.

Whether it’s the fake marriages, the fake car purchases, or the fake fights, there have been plenty of times that Team 10 has lied. Stay tuned to 10 Times Jake Paul’s Team 10 Lied STRAIGHT to Your Face to find out which Team 10er edited her video to make it seem like she was in trouble!