10 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Boyfriend


Communication is an important part of dating, but sometimes, saying too much can do more harm than good. Being upfront and forthcoming about your thoughts and feelings is ideal, but there are certain things a girl should never say if she wants to keep her relationship intact. Here are10 things you should never say to your boyfriend.

If you want to see the look of horror on your boyfriend’s face, all you have to do is tell him you think you might be pregnant. These words have the ability to turn a guy’s entire world upside down. He starts thinking about how he’s going to support a child, how he’s going to tell his parents the news, and how his life is going to drastically change forever. In this situation, it’s best for a girl to hold off on saying she might be pregnant until she takes a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Boyfriends absolutely hate it when their girlfriends say “we need to talk.” Hearing these words can really ruin their entire day. They start wondering what they did wrong, and they even contemplate the thought of their girlfriend breaking up with them. Serious conversations really freak guys out, and just thinking about having to sit down and discuss something important can be nerve-racking.

A guy knows his girlfriend is going to find other men attractive, but he doesn’t want to know that his girl has the hots for his best friend. This is a secret every girl should take to the grave. Letting your boyfriend know that you find his buddy attractive can make him feel insecure, and he may start to think that you’re only with him so you can get closer to his friend.

Rushing a guy through the stages of a relationship is a major no-no. Guys don’t want to feel like they’re being forced into making a bigger commitment until they’re 100% sure. So when a girl starts to say things like, “Maybe we should get married,” it can actually backfire. If a guy’s just not ready to take that next step, even thinking about marriage can scare the living daylights out of him. He thinks about losing his freedom and his independence, and those are two things most guys want to hold on to for as long as possible.